Saudi Arabia Iqama, Jawazat & Visa fee list – 2019 / 1440

>>Iqama Fee<<

Iqama Issuance & Renewal Fee

    • First Iqama fee for domestic workers is SR 600.00
    • Iqama renewal fee for domestic workers SR 650.00
    • First Iqama and Iqama renewal fee for employees working in businesses SR 650.00

>>Work Permit Fee<<

Expat work permit levy is mandatory for all expat employees other than domestic labors and those who working in small establishments (less than 5 employee establishments)

  • From January 01 2019, SR 600 / month for per expatriates (SR 500/ month for those companies achieved 50%+ Saudization)
  • From January 01 2020, SR 800 / month for per expatriates (SR 700/ month for those companies achieved 50%+ Saudization)


>>Dependent Levy<<

Expat dependent levy is applicable for all dependents of an expat worker (wife, parents, children’s including infant children… etc.)

  • From July 1st, 2019 – SR 3,600 yearly per dependent upon Iqama Renewal
  • From July 1st, 2020 – SR 4,800 yearly per dependent upon Iqama Renewal

>>Visa Fee<<

Domestic Workers Visa Fee

  • Domestic workers visa fee SR 2,300.00

Permanent Family Visa Fee

>>Exit Re-Entry Visa<<

  • SR 200.00 for first 2 Months of Exit Re/Entry Visa
  • SR 100.00 for each additional months. (Dependent levy must be paid before issuing exit/re-entry permit)

>>Multi-Re-Entry Visa<<

  • SR 500.00 for 3 Months
  • SR 200.00 for each additional months up to Iqama validity

>>Final Exit Visa<<

  • No Fee for Final Exit Visa (Dependent levy must be paid before issuing final exit)

>>Sponsorship Transfer<<

  • First Time Sponsorship Transfer Fee SR 2,000.00
  • Second Time Sponsorship Transfer Fee SR 4,000.00
  • Third Time or More SR 6,000.00

>>Profession Change<<

>>Transit Visa<<

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Hi all,
I am trying to issue final exit for my son But got message. Insufficient funds. Anyone can help please taking into consideration that I have no outstanding traffic violation. I think it is free.

Imtiaz Hussain Samo

Asalam u Alaikm…. i want yo aply for visit visa for Ksa… would any body plz tell me the requirments…. i have no sponser in Ksa……

mohammad asghar

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله ۔ايها المدير۔ الله يجزيك خيرا، انا من الباكستان هل يمكن لي ان اسافر الي بلدكم السعوديه علي الزيارة لست الشهور وشو حساب في الريال

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