New Conditions for Reporting Huroob(Absent From Work)


Saudi Arabia has recently modified the procedure of reporting huroob (Absent from work. Now Expat workers have the right to appeal against being reported absent from work by their employers, Saudi Gazette Reported.

The new initiative will prevent the misuse of the service offered to employers to report their workers absent.

Under the new rule the employers cannot avail of the ministry’s service to report employees absent from work if workers have already filed a case against the employers.

Now the employer cannot be registered absent from work if the worker’s iqama or work permit is expired.

An employee can challenge his employer’s report marking him absent from work by a filing an objection plea at

An initiative launched by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development allows expat workers to challenge a false report marking them absent from work.

The new initiative aims at creating a healthy work environment in which all parties know their rights and duties.

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