New Amendments Of Saudi Arabia Labor Law -2019


The Minister of Labor and Social Development Ahmed Suleiman AlRajhi has announced a number of amendments in the labor law, Saudi Gazette reported.

The new regulation is preventing employers from keeping the Iqama, passports or medical insurance cards of their workers.

A worker will lose his after service benefits if he physically attacked one of his colleagues at work.

An employee will not eligible for any after service benefits if he verbally attacked their managers or superiors even through electronically.

Employer’s will have to correct violations within 10 days, instead of the previous 30 days and pay any fines imposed on them within 60 days instead of 15 days previously.

The ministry has warned the violators, all the ministry’s services will be stopped until clear the fines.

The amendments clarified situations where a worker may be fired without being paid his/her end-of-service benefits. These include absence from work for 15 consecutive days or 30 days intermittently during a contractual year.

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