Check Iqama Kafeel Name And ID Number Online


Iqama Check Kafeel Name

All expatriates working in Saudi Arabia (Iqama Holders) are under sponsorship. Sponsor or Kafeel can be an individual or a company. It is always important to know the Kafeel Name and Kafeel Id Number. Sponsor ID is also known as “Bataqa”.

Your sponsor name can be found on the Iqama card in Arabic, but to get the Sponsor ID, you have to go for the following options.

How to Check Kafeel Name Online

Visit the Ministry of Interior website and Login

Go to “eDashBoard

Click on “Details” just below from your image and details

Here you will get the “Kafeel Name” and “Sponsor ID” number along with your other details. (Iqama Check Kafeel Name)

iqama check kafeel name

Check Sponsor ID and Kafeel Name in Passport

You can also find out your Sponsor ID and Sponsor Name on your Visa Stamped Page of the Passport: How to Check and Pay sponsorship Transfer Fee 

Sponsor ID

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