Check Iqama Red Green Color Status


Iqama Red Green Status (Nitaqat)

Here’s how to check the Iqama red, green, yellow or nitaqat status on the Ministry of Labor website.

To check your Iqama Color you need only Iqama Number which is printed on your iqama card.

Follow the steps below:

Visit the Ministry of Labor Website (MOL)

Enter the Iqama number in the provided column

Press the button (see below screen-shot): How to Check your Iqama Expiry Date or Validity

iqama red green

On the next page, you will get your full name printed on Iqama, Work Permit Number, Employment Status and Nitaqat Color (Iqama Red Green Status).

mosasa red green status

Nitaqat System in Saudi Arabia

The Nitaqat system was introduced in 2011 to encourage the employment of Saudi nationals in the private sector of Saudi Arabia. Currently, the Nitaqat system classifies organizations into 6 categories – Platinum, Green (High, Medium, Low), Yellow and Red – depending on the size of the entity and percentage of Saudi nationals to expatriate employees in their workforce.

Employers in the Platinum and Green categories represent the highest ratios of Saudi nationals, where yellow and red indicate the lowest ratios of Saudi nationals employed. Iqama Renewal Fees for 2019 and 2020

How Frequently is the Nitaqat Color Changing?.

The Ministry of Labor updates the Nitaqat Color category every weekend (Saturday Night) as per the changes made by the Company or Establishment.

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if i have exit and re-entry visa andn i decided not to return how many years i would be banned here in saudi arabia?


2 years?