Check Mobile SIMs Linked to Your Iqama


Check Iqama SIM Cards (CITC My Number Service)

The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) has launched a very useful and much wanted online service “My Number Service” for Expatriates and Citizens. The new service allows you to check all active Mobile SIMs on Iqama. You can get a full list of mobile numbers under your Iqama.

To check the details of IQAMA SIM CARDS, visit CITC website.

Select the English language from the top of the menu

how many sim on my iqama

Enter your Iqama Number and any of your mobile number to receive the OTP by SMS. This number should be registered under your Iqama

NOTE You can also check without providing the mobile number, in that case, it will show only the mobile operator logo instead of the mobile number. The result will look like the below screen-shot.

Iqama SIM Check

You will receive an OTP in the provided number. Enter the OTP and press the continue: Check the Iqama Expiry date

In the next window you will get a list of mobile connections issued by different operators on your Iqama.

how many sim in my iqama

Two Mobile Connects Restricted for Expatriates

Saudi Arabia currently restricts the maximum of two mobile connections for expatriates due to security reasons. If you are currently having two or more SIMs it will work without any issue, but to get a new SIM you have to cancel the old one.

Mobile Number Portability in Saudi Arabia

The three major network providers in Saudi Arabia, STC, Mobily and Zain allow transferring the numbers between networks. It is a free service. Read: How to change mobile number to other Network

How to Cancel or Unwanted Numbers on Iqama

If you find any unauthorized SIMs on Iqama, you should cancel it. Read: How to Cancel SIMs Registered on Iqama

Customer Care Numbers

If you find unknown SIMs on Iqama, you may call the customer care and report them. Following are the customer care numbers,

  • Mobily: 1100 or 0560101100
  • STC: 900 or 11 455 5555
  • Zain: 959 or 0590000959
  • Friendi: 166000 or 0571166000
  • Virgin Mobile: 1789
  • Labera: 1755 or 0576001755