Check Final Exit Visa Status (Khuruj Nihai)


Final Exit Visa

If you decide to return home permanently from Saudi Arabia, you will have to get issued a Final Exit Visa, also known as “Khuruj Nihai”. This visa is to ensure that your employer granted you permission to leave the country: Check MOI Iqama Deposited Fund

What is the Final Exit Visa Validity?.

The Final Exit Visa Validity is 60 days from the date of the issuance of the Final Exit Visa, even if the residency permit itself has expired: Check MOI Traffic Violation

Check Final Exit Visa with MOI Website

Visit “” 

Choose ELECTRONIC INQUIRIES from the top menu

Select PASSPORTS from options

Click here to visit “Public Query of Exit/Re-Entry Visa Status”.

Enter your IQAMA NUMBER, SPONSOR ID (Bathaqa Number) and PASSPORT NUMBER (see image below) then click the Press button.

You will get your Final Exit Visa Status.

final exit

Alternatively, you can also follow the steps below to CHECK FINAL EXIT

Visit “” 

Choose ELECTRONIC INQUIRIES from the top menu

Select PASSPORTS from options

Then select “Public Query Of Worker Arrivals”

final exit visa

Enter your Sponsor ID, Iqama Number and Iqama Expiry Date.

Then click on View

Here you will get your Final Exit Visa Status

Khurooj Nihai

Check Final Exit with MOL (Ministry of Labor) website

You can also check Final Exit through the Ministry of Labor Website.

The Ministry of Labor website may not show your Final Exit immediately after issuance. Usually it takes 24-48 hrs to get updated.

Click here to enter the MOL website, provide the Iqama number and search for your Final Exit Visa (Check below screen-shot)

Note: This is an Arabic language website, no English version is available. You may use a translator to get translated into your language

If the FINAL EXIT VISA has already been issued, you will get a  خروج نهايي  (Khuruj Nihai – FINAL EXIT) Result in the Employment Status.

If the FINAL EXIT is not yet been processed, you will get علي رأس العمل (On the Job)

Final Exit MOL

How to Get a Final Exit Print / Hard copy

If you require a Final Exit print (hard copy / official print of the final exit visa) from Jawazat, you will have to proceed through your company’s legal representative or through local legal service offices.